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Montgomery County Police Department Joins the 30×30 Initiative

Congratulations to Montgomery County PD for Taking the Pledge

ELEFA congratulates the Montgomery County Police Department on joining the 30×30 Initiative to push for more women in policing. The decision to join the initiative is a result of the conclusions reached in the MCPD Reimagining Public Safety Task Force, which ELEFA were proud to partner with in our audit.

The 30×30 Initiative sets the target of seeing 30% women recruits in policing by 2030. By taking the pledge, the MCPD agrees to report on its efforts to recruit women to the department as they try to meet this goal. The national average is at 13%, and the MCPD is above that average at 23% women, but this drastic under-representation can and should be addressed. The participation data itself helps us learn nationally what barriers exist in recruitment and retention and how best to address them. This also reflects MCPD’s commitment to better data collection and analysis which we’ve seen in other goals coming from the findings of the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force.

In announcing the MCPD’s commitment to the 30×30 pledge, the department gave the floor to Second District Commander Amy Daum to share both her personal journey in law enforcement and give some insight into the important skills and experiences women bring to policing. We encourage you to watch below.

A growing body of literature suggests that increasing the number of women in policing can drastically improve departments. The 30×30 has produced a useful research guide collating some of the most relevant studies on the relationship between officer gender and procedural justice issues, as well as research on how to effectively recruit and retain women in the workplace. Fundamentally, women are likelier to approach a scenario with empathy, prioritizing de-escalation and the mental and physical well-being of everyone involved. A diverse, representative police department can more faithfully serve its community. Congratulations to the MCPD for taking the pledge!

30x30 Women in Law Enforcement Media Briefing

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