We advance law enforcement that is safe & effective ​for police and the communities they serve​.

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ELEFA advances law enforcement that is safe & effective for police and the communities they serve.


Effective Law Enforcement for All relies on its expertise in partnering with the public, civic leaders, and police departments to identify, understand, and adopt the leadership, policies, training, and accountability practices that result in procedurally just, safe, and effective public safety practices.

Educate. Empower. Engage.


We educate.

The elements of safe and effective public safety are not a mystery but too often they are a secret to the public and even to the police, whose policies, practices, and attitudes have not kept pace with current best practices policing methods, philosophies, and technology.  Effective Law Enforcement focuses on educating the public, police, and civic leaders on best practices for public safety focused policing practices.

We empower.

We work to empower all of us — citizens, police officers, police executives, and elected officials—to be leaders in the movement for safe and effective law enforcement. Knowledge gives power to the voices for change, whether you are a private individual seeking to improve public safety practices in your community, a police officer seeking to expand your knowledge or advance your career, or a police executive seeking to improve your department’s performance and increase trust between your officers and your community.

We engage.

We strive to engage all stakeholders interested in ensuring safe and effective public safety practices for their communities. For meaningful and sustainable reform to occur all stakeholders must have a seat at the reform table and every voice, perspective, and experience must be heard and respected.


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