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Mental Health Crisis Law Enforcement Resources

Mental Health Crisis and Law Enforcement Resources

Read our Community Guide and drive change in law enforcement for your community.

Our Community Guide and its supplemental resources are designed to equip you with a robust knowledge of best practices when it comes to mental and behavioral health crisis policing. We also recommend a few key ways to start partnering with members of your community and your local police department and begin moving towards safer and more effective mental health crisis response.

Community Guide

Our community guide illuminates best practices for mental health law enforcement response and discusses how to start improving your local community’s response.

Supplemental Resources

This guide explains the basics of a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) model approach to law enforcement response, and describes the process of building or advancing this model.

This guide is designed to help you use the intercept model as a tool to gauge the success of your local law enforcement response to mental health crisis and seek to address any system gaps you might find.

Interview with the Author: Julie Solomon, LCSW